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At Content Laboratory, we help businesses discover their story. You know your business and want your story to be the best it can be. You know that having a great product or great technology isn’t in and of itself the great story.  It’s our complicated world and processes that create obstacles and elevate the familiar and approvable over the insightful and inspirational.

Of the list below, the left and the right side are very different intentions and outcomes in story development:

  • Insight vs. Explanation
  • Simple vs. Complex
  • Fan vs. Constituent
  • Innovative vs. Familiar
  • Trust vs. Impression
  • Action vs. Awareness
  • ​Grow vs. Defend
  • Inspire vs. Connect

How often do your messages, campaigns and communications lean to the left of the above list versus the right?

​At Content Laboratory, we celebrate the great stories and storytellers.  We stay focused on what makes the brand story the most relevant. We seek out the unique perspective and the insight that gets people to think about you and take notice. We strive for the simple communication that inspires people to be fans and take action to support you.

There are many ways we can help you and your brand.  Here are a few

  • Create stories that make your brand relevant today and in the future
  • Develop impactful, inspirational campaigns to capture hearts and minds
  • Shape insightful stories in your communications programs or content marketing

Contact us at Content Laboratory to help discover and tell your best story.


Marylou McNally

Chief Content Geek and Brand Wrangler

Adam Hartung

Chief Game Changer and Insights Guru

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