Adam Hartung


Adam Hartung -- Chief Game Changer and Insights Guru

Despite his early training at the Harvard Business School and his time as a highly successful management consultant, Adam Hartung is a smart and imaginative business leader with broad global insight, deep financial acumen and disruptively creative thinking.

Adam’s unique business insight comes from more than 30 years of experience shaping game changing strategies for major companies around the world. Adam has led acquisition investments of more than $4B for multiple Fortune 500 companies. For a global leader in the food and beverage space he created a major brand of pizza home delivery, growing it to $400MM annual revenue. He also led multiple acquisitions for their restaurant division, adding more than $500MM annual revenues to the company. For a chemical company giant, he created their digital imaging business, growing it into a $2B sector leader. For a top tier technology leader, he not only launched their online sales division he also led the team that launched a tech product that became a platform for most web programming. Adam has led significant turnarounds and, as a tech consultant, captained breakthrough growth and intellectual capital development adding $3B revenue for hundreds of companies across industries. Adam’s unconventional thinking vaulted him to the position of top contributor to the Leadership section of He is author of the Financial Times book Create Marketplace Disruption: How to Stay Ahead of the Competition. Today, he is a highly sought-after speaker and consultant on corporate strategy, innovation, leadership, and managing status quo risk, an increasingly critical skill for companies facing global markets changing at lightning speed. When he’s not thinking about or writing the stories of successful companies, Adam also spends time as the co-founder and CEO of Soparfilm Energy Corporation an exploration and oil production company operating in the Permian Basin of Midland, TX. Of course, when he finally gets control of the slice in his golf game, he will leave all of this behind to play golf professionally on the Champions Tour.