Marylou McNally


Marylou McNally -- Chief Content Geek and Brand Wrangler

Marylou McNally has conducted a lifelong love affair with words and the wonderful stories they can tell. She committed her 25-year communications and branding career to helping organizations around the world find their best story that will motivate people to act. Marylou is a self-professed geek with a unique way of looking at any problem or opportunity, helping brands to distinguish themselves and break through noise.

At the beginning of her career, she led brand positioning and image development for a large, regional integrated health care system generating double-digit increases in consumer brand loyalty and preference in a crowded marketplace. She helped a consumer products giant successfully launch innovative water filtration brand extensions with major national media coverage and garner global attention and acclaim for their children’s safe drinking water initiative. For an osteoporosis drug, she led the creative development and launch of an integrated national bone health education program that contributed to a significant increase in share and market position. Tackling the issue of teen prescription drug abuse, she convinced a conservative pharmaceutical powerhouse to face it head on and achieve stunning results – nearly half a billion media impressions and 300,000 direct contacts from parents and advocacy groups. Marylou is currently obsessed with helping a biotechnology company launch a new corporate brand and find its leadership position in a competitive landscape. In her free time, she enjoys playing golf badly and torturing app developers in her quest to build better content sharing tools.