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Does Your Communications Mix Balance Heart and Mind? Vibrant Brands Can Do Both.

A marketing mix is more than product. A promotional mix is more than ads. And, an effective communications mix is more than pure information.   Communicators don’t often talk about the mix and that’s probably because we know we’re a little (or a lot) lopsided. Think is easier to write than feel. The communications mix is […]

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Communications, Engagement and FOMO. This Rescue Dog Has a Leg Up on Humans

Yep.  So dogs can’t actually verbalize their thoughts. Or text them. Or post them on Facebook.  They don’t carry phones and post selfies on Instagram.  They don’t curate their own You Tube channel documenting every cute thing they do. I state awareness of these facts before we get to the next thought, lest I sound only dog […]

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Glass Houses and Skeletons. Should Communications Put It All Out There?

Walking past the Palacio de Cristal in Madrid, I happened to spy this art installation by artist Danh Vō.  I did get a little distracted for a moment and whispered to my friend that people in glass houses shouldn’t hang bones.  Terrible joke and silly take on the proverb that people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. […]

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Content May Be King But Great Content Rules

Communications Palace, Madrid Spain Quite a few communicators I meet share the thought that “content is king.” Recently, at a large PR meeting, it was mentioned in at least 10 conversations. At first I thought this was because my title at Content Laboratory includes content. It is a relatable subject and a connection we share. […]

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Just Noise. Is Volume Taking Over Substance?

The volume is turned up.  Way up.  There are more than 122 billion business emails globally every day and that’s before we factor in the social media content flying around.  Everywhere we turn, there is content being pushed our way.  That’s a lot of noise in our lives and our work.  Whether we are promoting […]

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Signs We Might Be Controlling Communicators vs. Empowering

The communications police.  The Sales Prevention Department.  The merchants of no.  We all know someone in the communications world who fits this kind of description. Although now mostly reformed, I certainly admit to doing my time as a controller.  We do it out of a deep sense of loyalty and concern for the reputations of our organizations and the […]

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Great Communication Talent Still Needs Practice

The world’s best athletes never stop practicing. They have coaches and trainers who help them perfect their skills. Then they practice over and over again so that under pressure and in heat of competition the muscle memory kicks in and their responses are automatic. Award-winning actors don’t step onto the stage and perform for an […]

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You can’t use great content if you can’t find it

  “Hey Bob, where do I find that last new product announcement?” “Where do I find…” is the most frequent question every communication pro hears, day after day after day after day…… “It’s in your email Sue. Did you look there?” Everybody stores key messages in their email inbox. These messages pile up week after […]

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Everybody needs practice, even if they hire trainers

The world’s best golfers never stop spending time on the putting green. They practice different length putts over and over so that when they are under pressure the response becomes automatic. They know practice is the only way to become really good. Many people want to become better at something, but don’t know how. They […]

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ContentWeb Completes the “Last Mile” for Communication Pros

    Communication professionals have a tough job. The need to identify, draft and finalize communications content is greater than ever. In a 24×7 “always on” world people want more information than ever, and they want it in easy to understand, digestible language. Whew, the work just keeps piling up. New product announcements, upgrades, customer […]

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