Clean Up Your Content Closet


Our work lives are filled with content – drafts, publications, news, tweets – you name it. It’s growing and not cleaning up after itself. We have piles of this content that we need to distribute internally and to our clients and users each day.

With constant access to technology in the office and on the road, we have numerous software and applications options at our fingertips at all times. But even with servers, Dropbox, project management applications and other tools, most of our content ends up in piles – hard to find what we want when we want it.  Even with this continuously evolving list of options, we still end up with a very messy “content closet.”

We constantly find ourselves asking the same questions and banging our heads against the proverbial wall each time we attempt to access these resources we need so often.

How do I know I’m accessing the correct and most updated version of this content? Am I allowed to share this?  Can I access this quickly from my mobile device?

ContentWeb is the first tool designed not to be a data repository (perhaps your current content closet), but a way to clean up that closet and make that content usable. It’s truly a piece of software specifically made for content professionals, by content professionals. After years of struggling trying to organize our day-to-day content needs, we took all of these simple processes and made them into one beautiful, mobile accessible application. ‘

How can we help you organize your content closet? Get started today or schedule a demo to learn more about how we can help you.