Content Coaching for those who need practice most, and like it least




Let’s face it. Great marketers, sales leaders, human resources professionals, financial gurus and top executives are not always great communicators. Leadership takes a group of skills, and is often unique to the person and company. Sometimes what made those folks leaders were skills other than being able to communicate clearly and easily. Storytelling is not always something that comes naturally.

For these people communications professionals want to augment their skills with training and coaching. But, unfortunately, too often they will say that they don’t want coaching. They’ll say they have no time for it. They’ll say they see no value in it. They’ll say it won’t do any good. Finding time to practice key messages with a communications pro can be very hard to come by.

Often it is the act of practicing that these folks find intimidating. Historically we made them sit in front of the communications pro and say the messages, often over and again. Often in front of other people, who hear the good and not-so-good feedback. Who wants to be put in that situation? Especially in an environment where it can detract from a leader’s persona – even detract from a leader’s ability to lead.

What these folks need is a safe and convenient way to practice key messages and storytelling. They need a way to practice it alone. Yet, they also need to receive helpful feedback in an equally safe environment.

Content Coaching is the tool to help these people. A communications professional can set up a non-threatening practice session that can be initiated any time that leader chooses using their mobile phone. Content Coaching sends an email to the leader with the key messages, the story and information about their mobile practice session.

Then Content Coaching will send them a text with an active phone link. The leader can choose when, and where, to click on that link to start the practice session. Each person has the ability to listen to the questions and answer them as often as they like until they are happy with their response.

Content Coaching records and transcribes each answer, delivering both to the communications professional. Then the communications pro, or Content Coaches, can review each answer for its effectiveness, and offer support and feedback on strengths and ways to improve. The communications pro can share this with the leader when it is convenient and likely to be most effective.

If more practice is desired, the process can repeat. Safe, convenient and extremely affordable – everyone is satisfied. Overcome communications dread. Give communicators and leaders safe, easy, convenient, effective coaching in a way that encourages ongoing practice and improvement.