Melinta Therapeutics

The Antibiotics Company


Rib-X Pharmaceuticals was a company based on Nobel Prize-winning ribosome science with strong potential to develop breakthrough new antibiotics. Considered to be an R&D organization, the company was shifting to become a commercial organization with new leadership and reshaped strategies. On the threshold of launching its first antibiotic into the market, the company was ready for a fresh start and a new identity.


Rib-X needed to transition from its old self to enter the market as a sophisticated pharmaceutical company, led by seasoned executives with strong development and launch capabilities. Concurrent with new legislation creating incentives and clearer pathways for antibiotic developers, the new brand needed to showcase its ability to fulfill the desperate global need for breakthrough antibiotics.


Content Laboratory helped to rebrand Rib-X as Melinta Therapeutics. We focused the brand story on the mission, vision and leadership that are creating groundbreaking antibiotics to replenish the world’s dangerously diminishing supply. The new brand story connected a seasoned leadership team and novel science to speed and results in antibiotics development, paving the way for Melinta Therapeutics to become The Antibiotics Company.