Everybody needs practice, even if they hire trainers


The world’s best golfers never stop spending time on the putting green. They practice different length putts over and over so that when they are under pressure the response becomes automatic. They know practice is the only way to become really good.

Many people want to become better at something, but don’t know how. They hire a trainer. The trainer provides intensive instruction for a short time, to improve technique – like how a professional golfer hires a trainer to help with his putting stroke. But after the trainer leaves, the golfer still has to practice to make that technique consistent.

Think of the actor who reaches out for directional training in order to master her ability to create a character. But that training isn’t enough to do her job. She still has to practice her lines, applying what she knows to deliver the lines correctly. She can’t step on stage, or in front of the camera, unless she knows how to say those lines the right way.

The same is true for all the people telling your organization’s story. They have key messages, delivered on paper. But can they deliver them correctly to tell your story the right way?

To help our teams deliver our stories better we often hire media or message trainers. These pros provide intense training on how to say those messages. They discuss key words, phrasing, body language, eye contact – all the things important to delivering messages. And, like the director of a movie, they can be very helpful to the team for understanding the situation, and how to maximize delivery.

But, media training is not enough. Media training is often a one-time event for the trainee. Intensive and helpful but like the actors, your people still won’t know those key messages or how to deliver them correctly if they don’t practice. But even if they practice, how will they know if they are implementing the training effectively?

Content Coaching solves this problem. Content Coaching allows all those communicators out there, telling your stories, to practice their delivery, receive feedback and improve how they put across key messages. And do so cost effectively.

With a phone call any communications professional can set up a practice session to augment training for as many communicators as she likes – from 2 to 2,000 (or more.)

Content Coachingdelivers an email with the key messages to every communicator who needs to practice. Next Content Coaching sends a text to communicatorsletting them know a practice session is ready to go. All they have to do is click on the link in the text to start.

The communicator can click that link any time they like. There is no set time to practice, they can do it whenever they want, wherever they want, at their convenience and when it is comfortable. Their mobile phone will ring and they will hear the questions, then have an opportunity to respond. They practice telling your story.

They can practice each question once, or several times. It’s up to them. Without the watchful eye of a trainer, peers, bosses or team members making them nervous. Without the costs and logistics. They are able to practice, alone, in a comfortable setting. When they are done, they merely hang up.

Content Coaching will record each answer, but only keeps the final recording as the one the communicator wanted to keep. It then transcribes each answer. These are then immediately available for a Content Coach to review and comment on strengths and areas for improvement.

Each communicator receives individualized feedback on their ability to tell your story. For those who need added assistance, more practice and coaching can be provided. The communications professional can decide to do as much, or little, coaching as necessary to meet the needs of their storytelling situation.

Delivering consistently effective communications can be challenging. You have to get the words right, and the delivery as well. Training can help, but everyone needs practice. Content Coaching lets you use the mobile environment to offer the practice and coaching every communicator needs.