You can’t use great content if you can’t find it



“Hey Bob, where do I find that last new product announcement?”

“Where do I find…” is the most frequent question every communication pro hears, day after day after day after day……

“It’s in your email Sue. Did you look there?”

Everybody stores key messages in their email inbox. These messages pile up week after week after week. One follows another, until Sue no longer remembers when that email was delivered, what the subject line said, or who sent it. Sure that valuable content, which the professional spent hours (or maybe even days, or weeks) creating is in Sue’s email inbox – but will she find it?

Or worse, will she find the current version, or will her random search yield her an old email with an out of date attachment that she should have destroyed when the new content came along?

This is the modern day version of “Mom, where’s my brown sweater.”

“It’s in your room sweetheart.”


“Oh my gosh, it is a wonder how anybody can find anything in this room. You have every piece of homework you ever did, every note from every friend, clothes you haven’t worn in years, cards from friends you never talk to any more. This room is chaos. It really is no wonder you can’t find anything in here.”

Did you know that one-fifth of all employee work time – literally, a whole day out of every work week – is lost to searching and gathering information. That messy email inbox is really, really expensive.

“Oh mom, never mind looking for that sweater. I just heard from Jack. He was saying ……”

“You’ll never find anything if you don’t keep hunting. You can’t let those interruptions derail you. It’s like all those interruptions you have from calls, texts and emails while doing your homework. It’s amazing you complete anything with all those interruptions.”

Did you know that the typical employee is interrupted every three minutes? We have so many communication entry points during our workday (someone walking in the door, an in-office phone call, a text, mobile phone call, email traffic, meeting reminders, etc.) that the typical, normal employee is interrupted every threeminutes?Combine gathering and searching for information with interruptions, and American companies suffer $650billion every year in lost productivity.

There is an answer. Implementing a ContentWeb content resource center can take employees out of “email hell” and away from all those interruptions. By cleaning up the content chaos your business could significantly improve productivity. Imagine those savings!

Everyone has email, and it is largely free. Until you add up the cost to business of its wide over-use. What was once a quick way to send a message (for which we now use text) has become the storage center for … well…. everything. Every message, every image, every infographic, every pdf file, and every slide show – it’s all sitting there in email. Some of this content is current but a lot of it not. And every employee is searching through this chaotic content closet randomly, every day, looking for something.

Something important.

Something they need now.

For a small monthly fee every communications pro can now store all their content in an easy to use virtual resource center regardless of what site, server or storage box actually holds the content. Then all this content is organized by who can see it, and organized in the simplest fashion so it is easy to find. No more hunting everywhere for what a user needs, its all now in one place.

And only the most recent versions are available.

ContentWeb is mobile. So all content is easily found, and viewed, on any device – smartphone, tablet or PC – anytime, and every time, the user needs it. Immediately.

Every user has a unique dashboard. They have access to only the content they need. So it is much easier to find. They search for what they need in the context of their needs – not a random search through everything hoping some keyword (or keyword string) will return what they want from the randomness of what they’ve stored.

And content posts highlight what users need, visible right in the post – whether it is text, bulleted text or a graphic. And the post can lead them to more detail via links to files stored on ContentWeb, an intranet server, a cloud storage location or a web site.

Stop all the hunting and gathering amid all those interruptions. Help employees achieve the productivity they want. Give them an easy place to find their needed content, so they can use it the way you want them to.